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Looking Good Doesn’t Cost that Much

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Have you ever been told how great you look and you have not done anything special and yet other times you have spent a lot of money and nobody really notices, except your bank balance. It’s the old story on spending money on looks, looking good starts with the attitude and a fool and his money is easily parted.

To look good you got to feel good, so start with your health. Stop drinking the alcohol and start hitting the exercise regime. Running or walking in the fresh air will give you a tremendous health improvement and best of all it is free.

You probably have some exercise machine you purchased with the right intentions but never followed through with, well now is the time to use it, again at no cost. Save the money you would have spent the beauty salon, day spa and the like and use it on a gym membership.

You don’t need to those high costs gyms with all the bells and whistles either, these do not make you fitter they just make you pay more money. Look at the local YMCA or community center, they may have what you need at the price you need it.

doesn't need beauty salon to look like this
Use of the high cost creams, lotions and cosmetics has always been question over the additional benefits they provide over the must cheaper versions, now is the time to find out. There is enormous money to be saved here and you will find the less expensive ones are just as good.

You can save on your hair costs by looking for alternative providers of what you need. There are plenty of hairdressing schools that charge a fraction of the price of beauty salons, you could color your hair at home for the price of the hair coloring product from the supermarket and hey you can always get your hair cut by someone in the family that may have an unlikely skill here.

Manicures and pedicures fall within the same boat, you can do this yourself or team up with a friend. Another high cost habit is dry cleaning. This maybe affordable during good times but when you need to watch you money, then you should be washing and ironing your own clothes. Clothes washing is easy and not an effort in time. You can do the ironing whilst you are watching TV, talking to your friends on a speaker phone or listening to your favorite music.


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