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How to Eat and Lose Weight

Eating can help you lose weight. It's all about choosing foods with the right nutrients. You cannot starve your way to permanent weight loss.

How many times have you tried fad diets only to end up disappointed with the results - either you lost weight and then just piled on the kilos again, or you lost weight and your energy as well?

Well, stop dieting and start eating. New studies show that eating certain foods like dietary fibre, soy protein and calcium can help you shed weight.

So it's time to re-stock the fridge with milk, yoghurt, cheese, beans, fruit and vegetables and say "yes" to food - the right kind of food. You'll never have to go hungry again.

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Wardrobe Shopping Tips

Shopping can be a pleasure or a chore. However you look at it, use these five tips to be an effective and organized shopper.
  1. Dress well. In order to spend less and buy wisely, dress up in comfortable clothes. It's the same concept as going to the grocery store on a full stomach.
  2. Shop with a plan. Know exactly what you need and how much you can spend. Write it down. Create a budget.
  3. Keep an ongoing list of needs in your closet. As you dress each morning, make notes of specific items you need to complete outfits such as a wider, brown belt or a white tee with a v-neck.
  4. Before you make a purchase ask yourself, "Does this match my wardrobe in terms of color, style and price? Is this on my needs list? How versatile is this item? How many ways can I wear it?"
  5. Shop first at high-end mass merchants, outlet malls, and off-price stores for basics such as tees, shirts and pants. You'll then have more money for seasonal updates such as jackets or accessories.